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About WIAL Hong Kong

WIAL Hong Kong is the official international affiliate of the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) led by the father of Action Learning, Dr. Michael Marquardt.

WIAL promotes Action Learning around the globe both directly via worldwide and regional programs, and indirectly by authorizing/licensing affiliates in specific countries who promote action learning within their country.

WIAL has granted WIAL Hong Kong the sole authority in Hong Kong to certify Action Learning coaches that meet WIAL worldwide standards.

WIAL also supports WIAL Hong Kong in its action learning efforts including co-sponsoring local action learning forums, providing senior certified coaches for certification workshops in Hong Kong, and speaking at public and in-house action learning programs.


As an international affiliate of WIAL, WIAL Hong Kong supports WIAL’s mission of promoting understanding and application of Action Learning in Hong Kong by:

  • Building Action Learning community through forums, seminars, newsletters, social media platforms, and learning interventions.
  • Promoting and creating awareness and acceptance of Action Learning to foster the development of Action Learning proficiencies and usage.
  • Creating a pool of certified Action Learning Coaches through the WIAL Action Learning Certification Process.
  • Coaching individuals, groups and organizations undertaking action learning programs.
  • Making contribution to the local community by offering volunteering Action Learning services to local non-profit organizations.